Vote for Jim!


Jim Thome and Delmon Young are in the 2nd round of the Sports Gif bracket.

Danny Lehmann cut


Are we looking at another batch of roster cuts today?

Twins next window


Looking at when the Twins next world series run may occur...

Doyle Returned to White Sox


Au revoir, Doyle.

ESPN Top 500 Players


About half the Twins roster is in the bottom 100 it seems....

Spring Training Pics 3-19 Twins at JetBlue Park


Photo dump of everything I took at JetBlue. Nice place but they still have some work to do. Oh, and the manual scoreboard can only be updated from the field side. I count that as a fail.

Royals Lose Closer Joakim Soria To Elbow Injury


Do you think they'd make a trade, Capps for Grienk... oh nevermind.

Will Scott Baker Be Available On Opening Day?


My latest over at SB Nation Minnesota. Hopefully Baker's bullpen session goes well again today.

Nishi to AAA


The Twins mercifully ended Nishi's 2012 MLB campaign by optioning him to Rochester this morning. This leaves Hughes cemented as the utility infielder/bench bat. It also may be a sign that the Twins are rethinking the Plouffe in LF idea. It opens a potential spot for someone. At the moment, I'm speculating that this could be Parmalee's break, as he could move into a 1B/DH role with Justin. Doumit then shifts to a C/1B/DH/RF type role. Either that, or it opens a spot for Burroughs.

Spring Training pics from 3-18


I'll do a more complete write up and caption some of the pics later but here's everything I took today. I haven't edited at all so there are some that are blurry, duplicates, misfires, etc. Headed to JetBlue tomorrow so I'll have more.