Sickels Free Associates On Joe Mauer


Calls Mauer Injury Prone, calls all MLB players overpaid, complains about the Media and says the press should lay off Mauer. And somehow he lumps Ayn Rand into it.

Strib: Sid: Twins have no hope...of winning 100 games.


Under the headline, "Twins have no hope," Sid Hartman reasons that the Twins have to win at an .800 clip for the rest of the season to make the playoffs. Of course, winning 80% of their remaining games would leave the Twins with about 100 wins, which would have been more than enough to win the central basically every year the central has existed. Winning at a not-unthinkable .600 clip for the rest of the season would give us about 84 wins and an off-chance at winning what seems to be a very weak division. Not trying to beat up on an elder gentleman's off-the-cuff math, but just for the record, and contra our esteemed paper of record, there is still *some* hope.

Twins Set Record After Post-Game Scoring Change


The Twins set a franchise record last night, thanks to a scoring change that was announced after the game. Given last night's performance, you've already figured out that it wasn't a record they wanted to set.

Let's tone down the Mauer hate.


Hello Fellow Twins Fans, I live in Iowa. My dad is a big Twins fan, and therefore, I also have become one (although I also root for Oakland, because they were good when I was growing up). I have probably attended 10 or 15 Twins games in my lifetime. I haven't been to Target Field yet, but I'm hoping to make it there later this summer. Yes, the Twins are struggling this year, and many key players are underperforming. But I want to encourage you fans, as well as the writers, to refrain from following the pattern that is becoming all too common in modern America: hyping something to a fever pitch and then turning on it when the going gets tough. I'll admit that Jim Souhan's recent article was the first of his that I have read. And yes, newspaper writers should have and use the freedom of the press. But why start throwing stones at your franchise player half-way through a year that is going down the tubes for a myriad of reasons? Reading through the comments on that Souhan article, and reading through the comments on Twinkie Town, it seems as though there are plenty of fans who are all too willing to complain about Mauer. Any failures this year are by the team. When the team starts losing games because of Mauer fielding errors, or because of Mauer going 0-5, then fire away. I'm sure that Twin Cities area fans are aware of the criticism that too many are fair-weather or apathetic. And I know there are plenty of good fans who don't wait for the currents of opinion to decide how much they will support the Twins, or Vikings, or Wild, or T-Wolves. But, right now would be a good time to show just how supportive we can be, by being more supportive of a team that still has a chance to get healthy and make a run at the playoffs. Let's root for the Twins, including the highly-paid ones. If this summer turns out to not be a playoff campaign, well, let's get ready for next year. This franchise has won 6 division titles in the last ten years. They know how to get to the playoffs, and I'm sure they will get back there soon. And if things break right, they could bring you another World Series Trophy one of these years. Twins Fans Unite!

Joe Mauer taking grounders at first. Time for the internet to explode!


Via Twitter, and Dave Campbell of the AP.

Twins 2nd Streakiest team in Baseball according to Beyond the Boxcscore


According to Beyond the Boxcore, the Twins are the second streakiest team in the majors this season with Boston at number one. It makes sense because of the large number of streaks we have had including this month where we enjoyed a period where we won 12-14 at one point, but now sit at a five game losing streak. But it just isn't June because we had long losing streaks and a bunch of three game winning streaks in April and May. In any case, click the link for a graph and explaination.

Oswaldo Arcia playing for the Miracale?!?


Did he get promoted right after coming back from injury? Any chance this points to Hicks moving to AA

Too cheap to buy a Joe Mauer shirt? Do what this guy did!


This is linked for a very good reason. I don't know which nauseated me more during last night's game, Delmon Young spraining his ankle or this… rather creative Twins fan at Miller Park. Honestly, I'm not sure if I should be disgusted or if I should buy him a beer. I do know that he needs some Head & Shoulders.

Young sprains right ankle, lands on DL; With Video


MILWAUKEE -- As he crashed into the left-field fence in the fifth inning, Delmon Young's spike got caught on the bottom of the wall, forcing his weight down on his right ankle. Young left Saturday's 11-1 loss at Miller Park and was carted off after suffering a right ankle sprain. He was placed on the 15-day disabled list after the game, and the Twins recalled outfielder Rene Tosoni. "I got my spike caught on the bottom of the scoreboard; the black ledge just sticks out," Young said. "Instead of my foot missing it and just hitting the ground, it got caught in there, and the rest of my weight went into it." From Jordan Schelling