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Game Recaps

Cleveland 12, Twins 3: A full squad implosion

This was an ugly one

Twins 6, Cleveland 3: Back on target

The Twins earned a split of today’s doubleheader.

Cleveland 3, Twins 1: We can’t have nice things

The Twins dropped game 1 of the doubleheader, and Joe Ryan got inured.

Royals 5, Twins 3: Losing it late

An 8th inning run off the Minnesota bullpen and many Twins left on base gave the Royals the rubber game of this series

Royals 6, Twins 4 (Manfredball 11th): Battle for last place so, so much more boring than score indicates

I lost track of what was happening in the game and my night and I so don’t care

Cleveland 4, Twins 1: Who even cares????

No one watched this game.

Twins 3, Cleveland 0: Joe Ryan? More like Nolan Ryan

Joe Ryan threw 6 1⁄3 perfect innings in his second MLB start

Twins 3, Cleveland 0: We have a win streak

The Twins got some great pitching and just enough hitting to take their third game in a row.

Twins 6, Rays 5: Who TF is supposed to be doing this recap

What the living heck, there should be a draft in the dashboard by now, are you people all completely drunk, I won’t judge.

Rays 5, Twins 3: Relation sensation

Does an indoor team that’s been competitive for the better part of a decade through ownership threats remind you of anybody?

Cubs 3, Twins 0: Joe Ryan’s strong debut marred by sputtering offense

The offense continues to struggle, but Joe Ryan!

Cubs 3, Twins 1: Hard to win when you can’t score

The Twins offense just kept shooting itself in the foot tonight.

Twins 2, Brewers 0: All the feelings

Buxton’s back, the Twins are victoriomnous, summer and baseball are still around for awhile yet.

Red Sox 12, Twins 2: It was bad, yo

Really just not fun to watch.

Twins 9, Red Sox 6 (10 innings): A roller coaster that finally ends on a high note

Colomé collapses, but Donaldson and Cave come through in extras

Red Sox 11, Twins 9: Comeback falls short

The Twins almost did a thing, but ultimately failed to do the thing.

Yankees 10, Twins 2: Run on

Which referred to some sentences at first before I got bored by it.

Yankees 7, Twins 5: Gant maintain momentum. Gan not complete comeback

Twins 8, Cleveland 7 (11 innings): Polanco’s magic continues

Colomé collapses but Polanco delivers yet again

Cleveland 3, Twins 1: No offense

Bailey Ober turned in a quality start but the Twins’ bats couldn’t back him up.

Rays 10, Twins 4: Such a drag when you’re livin’ in the past

A bit of a digression, but you’ll live.

Twins 1, White Sox 0: Polanco, rookie pitching strike again

Second consecutive strong start by a rookie sends Twins to series win

Twins 5, Astros 4: Bullpen (?!?) wins XXtra Manfredball on Sano throw

No, it won’t happen often and doesn’t matter. But it happened, and it’s my sworn duty to type to you about it.

Rob Refsnyder 5, Astros 3: Twins almost blow it, eventually do not.

We’re gonna win Refsnyders, we’re gonna score!

Reds 6, Twins 5: Comeback falls short

A late-inning comeback wasn’t quite enough in Cincy

Twins 7, Reds 5: A pitcher’s best friend

The Twins used 3-run home runs by Mitch Garver and Jorge Polanco to beat the Reds.

Cardinals 5, Twins 1: Welcome to 2021, if you missed everything through July

And, if you did, you’re better off mentally than most of us.

Tigers 17, Twins 14: Twins lose a football game

Almost a phenomenal comeback ... but yet another crushing defeat

Tigers 6, Twins 5: Grand slams all around

Both teams’ catchers hit grand slams today, so that’s pretty cool.

Twins 5, Angels 4: Hot sweaty nighttime exertions conceive a win

The Twins’ bullpen is... better than the other team’s? Just this once, we’ll allow it.

Angels 3, Twins 2: What is even happening?!

The Twins lose a weird game in a post-Nelson world.

Twins 7, White Sox 2: Well that was weird

The Twins earned a split against White Sox