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Game Recaps

Twins 7, Royals 3: Mission Accomplished*

Minnesota avoids a 90-loss campaign thanks to some usual suspects

Royals 11, Twins 6: Philosophers’ roundtable

Being the quest to Know All about what goes on in baseball dugout conversations, and other matters.

Tigers 10, Twins 7: Gain a lead, lose a lead

Buxton Good, Bullpen Bad: A tale a old as time.

Twins 5, Tigers 2: Jorge and Big Mike are enough

The Twins rode an early Jorge bomb and a strong start by Big Mike

Twins 3, Tigers 2: Almost blowing a save is still a save

The Twins were carried by good pitching throughout most of the game as they take the first game of the series.

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Griffin Jax, Twins can't hold off the Blue Jays in Sunday's 5-2 loss

Twins 3, Blue Jays 1: Ober wins, commenters get prizes!

Who said I never gave you anything? Except I didn’t, TJ did, but I’m an "idea broker."

Twins 7, Blue Jays 2: Quality recap warning

Twins win though, so that’s cool, I guess.

Twins 5, Cubs 4: Joe Ryan is back, and he’s still good

Joe Ryan, Max Kepler led the Twins to a solid all-around win

Twins 9, Cubs 5: I hope you like offense

The Twins fell behind early, but the offense came alive later in the game to get them the win.

Twins 7, Blue Jays 3: Live by the bomba, die by the bomba, but not tonight (the die part)

Twins slug their way into a gift for teams you like less.

Cleveland 12, Twins 3: A full squad implosion

This was an ugly one

Twins 6, Cleveland 3: Back on target

The Twins earned a split of today’s doubleheader.

Cleveland 3, Twins 1: We can’t have nice things

The Twins dropped game 1 of the doubleheader, and Joe Ryan got inured.

Royals 5, Twins 3: Losing it late

An 8th inning run off the Minnesota bullpen and many Twins left on base gave the Royals the rubber game of this series

Royals 6, Twins 4 (Manfredball 11th): Battle for last place so, so much more boring than score indicates

I lost track of what was happening in the game and my night and I so don’t care

Cleveland 4, Twins 1: Who even cares????

No one watched this game.

Twins 3, Cleveland 0: Joe Ryan? More like Nolan Ryan

Joe Ryan threw 6 1⁄3 perfect innings in his second MLB start

Twins 3, Cleveland 0: We have a win streak

The Twins got some great pitching and just enough hitting to take their third game in a row.

Twins 6, Rays 5: Who TF is supposed to be doing this recap

What the living heck, there should be a draft in the dashboard by now, are you people all completely drunk, I won’t judge.

Rays 5, Twins 3: Relation sensation

Does an indoor team that’s been competitive for the better part of a decade through ownership threats remind you of anybody?

Cubs 3, Twins 0: Joe Ryan’s strong debut marred by sputtering offense

The offense continues to struggle, but Joe Ryan!

Cubs 3, Twins 1: Hard to win when you can’t score

The Twins offense just kept shooting itself in the foot tonight.

Twins 2, Brewers 0: All the feelings

Buxton’s back, the Twins are victoriomnous, summer and baseball are still around for awhile yet.

Red Sox 12, Twins 2: It was bad, yo

Really just not fun to watch.

Twins 9, Red Sox 6 (10 innings): A roller coaster that finally ends on a high note

Colomé collapses, but Donaldson and Cave come through in extras

Red Sox 11, Twins 9: Comeback falls short

The Twins almost did a thing, but ultimately failed to do the thing.

Yankees 10, Twins 2: Run on

Which referred to some sentences at first before I got bored by it.

Yankees 7, Twins 5: Gant maintain momentum. Gan not complete comeback

Twins 8, Cleveland 7 (11 innings): Polanco’s magic continues

Colomé collapses but Polanco delivers yet again

Cleveland 3, Twins 1: No offense

Bailey Ober turned in a quality start but the Twins’ bats couldn’t back him up.

Rays 10, Twins 4: Such a drag when you’re livin’ in the past

A bit of a digression, but you’ll live.