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Game Recaps

Twins 3, Orioles 2: Down a run with a man on in the 9th, Buxton comes up...

As Elvis (the good one) once said, Get Happy!

Guardians 5, Twins 3: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no ,no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, and also no

You’ve seen this movie before.

Twins 6, Guardians 0: Just don’t allow any runs

The Twins earned a split of the doubleheader against the Guardians today by shutting them out.

Guardians 3, Twins 2: Bullpen woes continue

The Twins had a late lead but Emilio Pagan blew it.

Twins 11, Guardians 1: Leave no doubt

Twins score early and often as Gray spins a masterpiece

Rockies 1, Twins 0: 137 minutes you may have missed

The Twins are tied for baseball’s shutout lead this year, not in the way that you want.

Twins 1, Guardians 0: I guess that works!

Smeltzer brings the Twins back on top.

Guardians 6, Twins 5: Twins lose in extras

The Twins had a late lead until Franmil Reyes tied it up with a homer, sending the game to extra innings where they lost.

Diamondbacks 7, Twins 2: The Fatality of FIP

There is cruelty, dang cruelty, and statistics, to misstate an axiom, and it bites Devin Smeltzer tonight.

Twins 5, Mariners 0: Another Sonny Seattle Day

Late offense backs up strong pitching in Twins win

Twins 3, Mariners 2: Buxton, bullpen come through

Buxton provided the offense and the pitching staff was fantastic

Rays 6, Twins 0: Bats Go Silent in Series Finale

Twins 9, Rays 4: Genesis 1:1

A nice, big inning helps your favorite team* bounce back from Thursday’s Yanquis frustration. (* — I mean, I’m assuming it’s your favorite. I could be wrong.)

Yankees 10, Twins 7: The dumbest game of baseball

An exceptional, yet typical Twins/Yankees affair.

Twins 8, Yankees 1: Rocco's Triumph

Pitching Duffey yesterday? Masterful

Yankees 10, Twins 4: No surprises here

The Yankees and the Twins played a game of baseball, which went about how you would expect.

Blue Jays 12, Twins 3: Hellos—and Goodbyes

Bundy battered & Berrios brilliant

Twins 9, Blue Jays 3: Two dongs each from Garlick & Miranda and Buxton busts slump

Oddsmakers, eat your hearts out!

Tigers 3, Twins 2: Pagán Ritual

Well, that was not ideal.

Tigers 4, Twins 0: The terrible twos

Lousy nightcap = doubleheader split.

Twins 8, Tigers 2: Back on track

Devin Smeltzer gave the Twins bullpen a much needed break, with lots of run support from the lineup.

Tigers 7, Twins 5: A sloppy matinee

The Twins hit three home runs, but it wasn’t enough

Twins 7, Royals 3: It’s Mostly Sonny in Minneapolis

Call the title more of a hope than anything else.

Royals 7, Twins 3: Get the Defense Off the Field

Another short start, some sloppy defense, six two-out KC runs, and 18 Twins left on base is a bad formula

Twins 10, Royals 7: Old-fashioned twimming

Timely offense overcomes iffy pitching, with lots of LOBs and homers, small-ball, you name it.

Royals 3, Twins 2: I am so sad, I am so very very sad

Duffey blows a Smeltzer gem.

Tigers 4, Twins 2: Detroit Pulls Away in Extras

Dylan Bundy pitched well, but the Twins offense struggled.

Twins 2, Tigers 0: Gray and company toss a shutout

The Twins clinched a series win on the back of their excellent pitching.

Twins 5, Tigers 4: Slam early, walk-off late

The Twins eked out another close win in strange fashion

Twins 6, Royals 4: Score early, score late, pitch just well enough, you win (and get sent down)

Devin Smeltzer pitches goodly pre-demotion, and young Miranda has a crucial bat moment to take this series opener.

Twins 14, Athletics 4: Offensive Rebound

Correa’s return sparks dormant bats

Athletics 5, Twins 2: At least we have Royce Lewis

Homers from Gary Sanchez and Royce Lewis were not enough to push the Twins to a victory tonight.