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Game Threads

Game 162: Twins at White Sox

This is the end

Game 161: Twins at White Sox

The penultimate game of the season.

Game 157: Arraez @ Tigers

Shh! Don’t tell Luis we’re all watching him! The pressure could jinx it!

Game 156: White Sox at Luis Arraez

Come see if Arraez gets some hits or not.

Game 155: White Sox at Twins

The Race for Second Place

Game 153: Angels at Twins

Dylan Bundy takes the ball on Rocco’s birthday and the Twins go for a series win

Game CLI: Angels @ Twins

Assuming it’s not rained out, that is.

Game 150: Twins at Royals

or whatever, who cares?

Game 149: Twins at Royals


Game 148: Twins at Royals

Yep, it is a baseball game.

Game 147: Twins at Guardians

One last gasp

Game 146: Twins at Guardians

Fourth try’s the charm

Game 142: Royals @ Twins

Its about time we abolish the monarchy.

Game 141: Royals at Twins

Back at it again

Game 140: Royals at Twins

Joe Ryan and the Twins try to right the ship, or at least plug a few leaks.

Game 139: Guardians at Twins

The Twins try to avoid the sweep.

Game CXXXVII: Guardians @ Twins

Hey, maybe Minnesota can catch Cleveland this weekend, with Bundy, Archer and TBA on the mound! Could happen!

Game 136: Twins at *sigh* Yankees

Which circle of hell is this?

Game 135: Twins at Yankees

Let’s Play Two: Part Two

Game 134: Twins at Yankees

Let’s Play Two: Part One

Game 133: Twins at Yankees

Visiting the Evil Empire

Game 132: Twins @ White Sox

The Twins look to take the final game of the series in Chicago.

Game 131: Twins at White Sox

It’s Tyler Mahle vs. Dylan Cease as the Twins look to rebound from yesterday’s disappointing loss

Game CXXX: Twins @ White Sox

It’ll be Sonny Gray, Minnesota’s best starter, in this "maybe we can catch Cleveland" contest.

Game 128: Red Sox at Twins

Chris Archer takes the mound for the Twins as they face the Red Sox.

Game 127: Red Sox @ Twins

Bello vs Bundy, the killer B’s

Game CXXIV: Giants @ Twins

Can the Twins turn this baby around? This baby is in grave danger of being run over.

Game 123: Twins at Astros

Please stop losing.

Game 121: Twins at Astros

The Twins need to get back on track.

Game 120: Rangers at Twins

We’re here again: a weird must-win game

Game 118: Rangers at Twins

Gardy goes into the Twins Hall of Fame tonight!

Game CXVII: Texas @ Twins

Texas just fired their manager and GM, so hopefully that doesn’t fire up their players tonight.