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Game Threads

Game 153: Twins at Reds

The Minnesota Willi Castros try to take the series from the Reds and inch closer to clinching.

Game 152: Twins at Reds

Kenta Maeda and the Twins take on the Reds.

Game 151: Twins at Reds

Inching closer to clinching...

Game 150: Twins at White Sox

A rivalry unlike any other

Game CXLVIII: Twins @ White Sux

Bailey Ober gets the start tonight for the Twins after returning from AAA.

Game 147: Twins at White Sox

One of the games of all time

Game 146: Rays at Twins

Beating a good team twice >>> beating a good team once.

Game 145: Rays at Twins

The Twins’ magic number sits at 11 as they host the Rays.

Game 144: Rays at Twins

Can the Twins keep up their hot play against a much tougher opponent?

Game 143: Mets at Twins

"The secret of managing is to keep the guys who hate you away from the guys who are undecided" (Casey Stengel)

Game CXLI: Mets @ Twins

On paper, the pitching matchup looks hard to beat... but we’ll see.

Game 140: Twin at Guardians

Sweep sweep sweep!

Game 139: Twins at Guardians

The Twins will try to gain even more of a division lead this evening in game 2 of the series.

Game 138: Twins at Guardians

One last chance for real A.L. Central separation

Game 137: Twins at Rangers

"Hi Twinkie Town!" (Me, from Globe Life Field)

Game CXXXV: Twins @ Rangers

Yes, the Twins just played this team... and yes, you hit your head and traveled back in time. Both things are true. Deal with it.

Game 134: Guardians at Twins

Sonny takes the mound on a beautiful, late August afternoon.

Game 133: Guardians at Twins

Pablo Lopez gets the start today as the Twins take on the Guardians.

Game 132: Guardians at Twins

Let’s put this thing away.

Game 131: Rangers at Twins

When Washington lost a team—but also didn’t—but then did again

Game CXXIX: Rangers @ Twins

Texas and Houston are fighting for a division lead, and I'm sure y'all love both those teams.

Game 128: Rangers at Twins

Stop losing games now pls

Game 127: Twins at Brewers

The Twins try to even their final series with the Brew Crew and stave off an existential crisis.

Game 126: Twins at Brewers

The Twins start a quick 2-game series in Milwaukee.

Game 125: Pirates at Twins

A World Series rematch nearly a century in the making!

Game CXXIII: Pirates @ Twins

Does the dullest of all current postseason pushes make you go "aargh," matey?

Game 122: Tigers at Twins

Shaking off the can’t-beat-Detroit stigma feels good.

Game 121: Tigers at Twins

Royce Lewis returns as the Twins do battle with the Tigers.

Game 120: Twins at Phillies

"Yo Adriaaaaaan!"

Game 119: Twins at Phillies

Save us, Pablo...

Game CXVIII: Twins @ Phillies

Fans in Veterans Stadium used to throw batteries at opponents. This should be less hostile. A bit.

Game 117: Twins at Tigers

Twins stop losing against the worst teams challenge


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