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Game Threads

Game CLX: Twins @ Royals

No October Surprise for you, although someone can always get horribly injured.

Game 159: Tigers at Twins

Almoooost theeeere!

Game 158: Tigers at Twins


Game 157: Tigers at Twins

The second to last series of the season.

Game CLIV: Blue Jays @ Twins


Game 153: Blue Jays at Twins

Here we go!

Game 152: Twins at Cubs

Two-game sweeps count, too

Game 151: Twins at Cubs

The title pretty much says it all.

Game CXLVIII: Twins @ Blue Jays

You'll have to wait until Sunday for La Makina.

Game 146: Cleveland at Twins

Game 2 of the doubleheader.

Game 145: Spiders at Twins

A rematch of last Wednesday's starting pitchers.

Game 144: Twins at Yankees

Or should it be Game 125?

Game 143: Royals @ Twins

A lot of people in Minnesota are watching the Vikings right now. Maybe watch the Twins instead?

Game CXLI: Royals @ Twins

Will the Jax be bax on trax or will his attax be whax to the max?

Game 140: Twins at Cleveland

Randy Dobnak to Dob-attack.

Game 139: Twins at Cleveland

Can the Twins really win four games in a row??

Game 138: Twins at Cleveland

The Twins try to bring their winning streak to three.

Game CXXXIV: Twins @ Rays

They’ll still always be Devil Rays to me.

Game 133: Cubs at Twins

Hey look! A MLB debut!

Game 131: Twins at Tigers

A Kwik Trip to Detroit before rushing home to continue the homestand. I better get paid for that advert.

Game CXXVIII: Brewers @ Twins

In case of rain delays, enjoy some Memory Lane typings, one better than the other, but alphabetically last on the byline.

Game 127: Twins at Red Sox

Inevitable third comeback attempt soon!

Game 126: Twins at Red Sox

Another losing streak needs snapping

Game 125: Twins at Red Sox

After getting swept in New York the Twins head to Boston to probably do the same thing.

Game 122: Twins at Yankees

Can the Twins keep beating the snot out of good teams even when its the Yankees?

Game 121: Twins vs. Cleveland

Lewis Thorpe is on the bump for the rubber match

Game 118: Rays at Twins

Charlie Barnes and the Twins go for their third straight series victory over a first place club

Game CXVI: Devil Rays @ Twins

Or, the return of Boomstick.

Game 115: Twins vs. White Sox

Can the Twins win the series??

Game 110: Twins @ Astros

Send the word, send the word, Ober there.

Game 109: Twins at Astros

Let’s Go Twins

Game 108: Twins at Reds

Hey look — a potential (two-game) series sweep!