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Game Threads

Game 38: Twins at Athletics

Mourning the loss of Royce Lewis

Game 37: Twins at Athletics

Late night baseball brought to you by the never ending march of time itself.

Game 36: Twins at Athletics

Late-night baseball!

Game XXXIII: Guardians @ Twins

Minnesota tries to right its ship against a team that finally righted its name.

Game 32: Astros at Twins (again)

Can the Twins maybe win one game against the Astros???

Game 31: Astros at Twins

Let’s try this again

Game 30: Astros at Twins

It is Joe Ryan day.

Game XXVII: A’s @ Twins

Josh Winder makes a case for continued starting opportunities, here against the White Elephants.

Game 26: Orioles at Twins

Twins try to snap that 1 game losing streak

Game 25: Twins @ Orioles

Let’s do it again

Game 24: Twins at Orioles

It feels good to win, the Twins should keep trying to do that.

Game 23: Twins at Orioles

Just keep winning, just keep winning...

Game 22: Twins at Rays

That’s Game 16 in hexadecimal, or Game 10110 in binary.

Game XX: Twins @ Devil Rays

Minnesota hopes to keep winning series, this time against the Magical Payroll Elves of recent years.

Game 19: Tigers at Twins

Twins look for their 7th(!) straight win.

Game 18: Tigers at Twins

...what did we all witness last night?

Game 17: Tigers at Twins

The Twins host the Tigers for a 3-game series.

Game 16: White Sox at Twins

The Twins look to complete the sweep.

Game 11: Twins at Royals

Chris Archer looks to build on his impressive first start.

Game 10: Twins at Red Sox

Maybe the Twins will be good at morning baseball...?

Game VII: Twins @ Red Sox

MLB honors a great American, and the Twins play in Fenway.

Game 6: Dodgers at Twins

Chris Paddack debuts

Game 5: Dodgers at Twins

Chris Archer makes his first start for the Twins.

Game 4: Mariners at Twins

Time for a winning streak

Game 3: Mariners at Twins

Minnesota looks to earn their first victory of the season.

Game I: Mariners @ Twins

And awayyy we go...

Game CLX: Twins @ Royals

No October Surprise for you, although someone can always get horribly injured.

Game 159: Tigers at Twins

Almoooost theeeere!

Game 158: Tigers at Twins


Game 157: Tigers at Twins

The second to last series of the season.

Game CLIV: Blue Jays @ Twins


Game 153: Blue Jays at Twins

Here we go!