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Farm Report: Baby Twins win championship? Maybe?

A recap of the Twins' minor league affiliates' results from September 8th, 2017.

Pamplona Running Of The Bulls
A Merrill Lynch employee finally loses its cool and goes homicidal.
Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Let’s switch up the usual order a little.

Rookie League: Elizabethton Twins 8, Pulaski Yankees 7

I think the Baby Twins won the title! They took the first two games against Pulaski, and no more are scheduled. So, congratulations on winning the best-of-3 series, Elizabethton! Or, sorry your longer series got cut short by deadly hurricanes.

This one was all about RISP, as all eight runs happened on only nine hits. LF Mark Contreras delivered three RBIs in a single dong. RF T.J. Dixon and CF/Star Wars bartender Akil Baddoo both were 2-4. Starter Moises Gomez was just good enough to get the win. Confirmed New Jersey native Jared Finkel allowed two runs in relief, but both came after an error, so he gets to celebrate with the rest of his teammates via ordering a pitcher of 7-Up at the local Chuck’e’Cheese. (No booze for you, baby Twins!)

[Box Score]

Double-A: Chattanooga Lookouts 2, Montgomery Biscuits 0

Your Lookouts are now one win away from the title in this best-of-five series, thanks to a combined shutout headed by ex-Twin Felix Jorge. His WHIP was .666, and that’s always good. The Lookouts runs were provided by “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” native T.J. White’s 4th-inning dinger.

Chattanooga is up 2-0 in this series, so it’s a fortuitous “lookout” for them. Get it? GET IT?

[Box Score]

Low-A: Quad Cities River Bandits @ Cedar Rapids Kernels, 6:30 CT

The Mean Corn begin their three-game championship series today. RHP Tyler Watson, whom the Twins got for Brandon Kintzler, is scheduled to start.

[Ticket link if you live in Iowa or like driving far]

Triple-A: Rochester Red Wings off

The Red Wings just missed the playoffs, so their season is over. For this successful 2017, they will be ceremonially anointed with fragrant oils by nubile Rochester maidens.

[No Box Score]

High-A: Ft. Myers Miracle off

The Ft. Myers Miracle’s season ended when they lost in the playoffs on a walk-off hit by pitch. For this shameful 2017, they will be ceremonially disemboweled by elderly Fort Myers golfers.

[No Box Score]

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