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Numbers and analysis on the Minnesota Twins to wet your whistle.

Should Louie Varland Start or Relieve?

Starters are more valuable and harder to find, but Louie was dominant out of the ‘pen

About Ryan Jeffers’ Breakout

What drove Jeffers great production last season? How might that carry over to 2024?

Offseason Questions: Should the Twins Re-Sign Sonny Gray?

Coming off of a career season, the Twins will have to spend more than they ever have on a pitcher if they want to retain Sonny Gray.

Off Day Observations: ALDS Edition

Notes from the first four playoff games, Cristian Javier, the Twins' baserunning, Ryan Jeffers’ blocking, and facing Yordan Álvarez

How Have Playoff Teams with Fewer than 90 Wins Fared?

October is built for upsets and Cinderella runs. That’s a good thing for these Twins.

Dallas Keuchel is Living on the Edge Again

Smoke and mirrors? Maybe. But he’s also back to doing some important things well.

Why is Jhoan Duran Scuffling?

Minnesota’s fireman is suddenly fallible. Let’s meander through the data and see if we can pinpoint the issues.

When To Steal Home and Safety Squeeze

The Twins have augmented their boom and bust approach by taking calculated small-ball risks with runners on 3rd base

Max Kepler is Locked In

Minnesota’s beleaguered right fielder has been on a heater like we haven’t seen since 2019

Game 119: Twins at Phillies

Save us, Pablo...

Joe Ryan’s Next Adjustment

Ryan might have reached the limit of his great four-seamer and will need to trust his other weapons

Off-Day Observations: The 2nd Half Begins

Notes on the Twins’ 2nd half schedule, Correa & Buxton driving the bus, more on Ideal Plate Appearances, and Links!

How Sonny Gray Cut a Path to the All-Star Game

Embracing cut has paid dividends across his whole arsenal in 2023

Another Way to Look at the Twins’ Lifeless Bats

A metric for ideal plate appearances confirms this offense is bad

A Quick Breakdown of Louie Varland’s Recent Struggles

It’s a game of adjustments and the Twins rookie is suddenly in need of some

Three True Outcomes vs. Just Putting the Ball in Play

Cleveland and Minnesota illustrate the limits of one size fit all offenses and the metrics we use to characterize them

Should Max Kepler be playing some CF?

Musings on maximizing the roster

Off-Day Observations: Not Winning the Close Ones

Digging into the Twins’ expected record and challenges in close games, plus an update on free bases allowed, and an interesting comp for a young player!

Griffin Jax’s Results Have Not Matched His Process

The high-leverage reliever’s top-line numbers are obscuring his subtle improvements

It may be time to re-think Kenta Maeda’s role on the pitching staff

He wants to remain a starter—but is that realistic at this point?

Diving Into the Twins’ Futility with the Bases Loaded

Clutch hitting is not a skill, but the Twins have been terrible with the bases loaded for a long time. Why?

Off-Day Observations: Correa Will Be Fine

Plus José Miranda’s slow start, Joe Ryan’s splitter, and White Sox schadenfreude. Enjoy!

Off-Day Observations: Pitching, Defense, and Small Ball

Plus, the starters go streaking, the catchers’ blocking, and perfect extra-inning bunts! Enjoy!

Off-Day Observations: The First Two Series

Mini dives into a few things I have noticed in the Twins’ 4-2 start

Why Griffin Jax is Adding a Cutter

A weapon that tunnels with his wipe-out slider in the zone should help his fastball

It Is Hard to Hit MLB Pitching

Kenta Maeda’s PitchCom adventure is a reminder of how hard it is to hit a baseball, even when you know what pitch is coming

On the Relationship of Pitch Tempo and Defense

You’ll hear that a quicker pace will help defenders stay engaged and perform better. Is that really true?

Examining the Twins’ Extra-Innings Strategy

Manfredball is here to stay. What’s the best way to play it?

A Simple Approach Change That Should Pay Dividends in 2023

Their best relievers must stop throwing right-on-right offspeed pitches

Joe Ryan Tinkered With His Slider

Rookie seasons can hinge on making adjustments. Ryan might have found a slider that works last September.

There’s No Such Thing as Enough Pitching

Making Sense of the Twins’ Reported Interest in Back-End Starters

Christian Vázquez is an Investment in the Pitching Staff

The veteran backstop should bring winning experience, leadership, and pitcher-friendly skills that fit Minnesota’s staff very well