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Rule 5 Draft

Twins add five players to 40-man roster before deadline

The move is in advance of the Rule 5 Draft.

Twins make roster moves, trades ahead of Rule 5 Draft deadline

Minnesota protected one additional prospect, made a minor trade with the Marlins, and sold a guy to Japan.

Twins take RHP Tyler Kinley from the Marlins in Rule 5 draft

Not really sure why, but they did.

Twins lose Nick Burdi, Luke Bard in Rule 5 draft

The Twins’ pitching depth took a couple hits this morning, but can’t say no one saw it coming.

Leaving Nick Burdi unprotected from the Rule 5 draft probably doesn’t matter

Even if the hard-throwing reliever is drafted by another team on Thursday, the Twins took a smart risk.

Twins return Rule 5 draftee Justin Haley to the Red Sox

This may be good news for all you Bartolo Colon fans, but probably not the best news for you Twins fans.

Twins get pitcher Justin Haley, lose catcher Stuart Turner in Rule 5 draft

The Twins got creative with their number one pick in the Rule 5 draft, flipping him for the Angels’ number eight pick.

Rule 5: Twins take J.R. Graham, lose Gilmartin

Not much of a surprise in either case. Here's what you need to know.

Twins Winter Meetings in Review, Day 3

The Winter Meetings hot stove is finally heating up for the Minnesota Twins

Explaining the Rule 5 draft

What are the rules of the Rule 5 draft? Where will the Twins draft? Who are some of the best players ever taken in the Rule 5, and who are the best players the Twins have found? Jesse has the answers.

Who could the Twins take in the Rule 5 draft?

The Twins would need to clear a spot on their 40-man roster, but if they do - who might they go for in Thursday's Rule 5 draft?

Who could the Twins lose in the Rule 5 draft?

For the first time in a while, we can legitimately say that the Twins could lose a couple of players.