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A book about the things wrong in kids’ sports, and how to fix them

I found this interesting, and I’m not a parent myself. (Mrs. James is a teacher, though, so I get ALL the diseases schoolkids pass around.)

Turn Those Frowns Upside Down!

Trying to stay in the present—not the past or the future

Three Tuesday Twins Thoughts: Easy start, the bullpen, 2023 schedule

Are you also tired of the Emilio Pagán Experience?

The Twins compounded Tony La Russa’s mistakes

Yermín Mercedes did nothing wrong. 3-0 swings are fun.

Have we seen the beginning of the end of independent leagues?

The new "partner league" relationship brings up some red flags.

Twins fans, it’s not time to panic... yet

We still have 75% of the season left!!

Baseball can’t get out of its own way

The sport had a golden opportunity to monopolize attention and airwaves — and blew the opportunity

The Twins aren’t going to sign anyone else this offseason — and that’s a-ok with me

The pieces already on the team will dictate much of the future strategy though.

Joe Nathan to finally be inducted into the Twins Hall of Fame in 2019

Seems like this should have already happened, doesn’t it?

Gone too soon? Life after being a Twins pitcher

A look at some former Twins pitchers that may have been pushed out of the organization too soon

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The Twins should absolutely sign Nelson Cruz

Minnesota’s offense seems set despite looking unspectacular, but now it appears they’re interested in adding a big bat as their DH.

Searching for meaning amongst the non-tendered players

Many players were cut from major league rosters this past week and I found there were many surprising names that entered free agency. Why are teams willingly letting these players go?

The Twins need to sign a third baseman this offseason

If last year is any indication, Miguel Sano is not cut out for the job.

Joe Mauer proves Bill James is wrong

If you think Joe Mauer is replaceable, think again

What Twins fans have to be thankful for this Thanksgiving

Believe it or not, this list is not just "Willians Astudillo".

More on the new Twins philosophy

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The 2018 Twins Awards

Now that we have a little perspective, let's look back at the past season. What went right, and what went terribly, terribly wrong?

Top five Joe Mauer memories

Here are the things I’ll remember most about #7.

My baseball memories all involve Joe Mauer

When you’re still just a teenager, it’s hard to imagine baseball without Joe Mauer.

My Joe Mauer jersey

Some of us have a lot of jerseys and shirseys, but then then there is one perfect one.

Wrapping it up: Three thoughts on Twins baseball in 2018

The Twins somehow managed to exceed and disappoint, the Red Sox dominated, and analytics started to rub me the wrong way

The new Twins philosophy is taking shape

We don’t like admitting that we don’t always have the answer, but I feel the Twins front office wants the organization to accept that this is okay.

For once, can we embrace how baseball is played today?

Baseball isn’t being played how it was a decade ago and some people can’t handle that. Stop.

Twins plan to keep Miguel Sano busy this offseason

The front office has plans in place to make sure their wayward third baseman stays on track this winter.

Local man who doesn’t know how money works has opinion

Paul Molitor’s dismissal inspires definite idea from St. Paul man.

Thoughts on the firing of Paul Molitor

Paul Molitor wasn’t necessarily a bad manager, but he wasn’t necessarily great, either.

Jose Berrios fought through the 2018 season

Despite some less-than-stellar numbers, Berrios showed why he could be the team’s future ace.

Twins vs. Vikings: The ultimate battle

Staring at that hat for too long hurts my brain.

Free Andrew Vasquez

Andrew Vasquez was utterly dominant in the minor leagues, so why has he been used as a LOOGY thus far?

Were the Twins wrong to sell at the trade deadline?

Cleveland is leading the AL Central, but they aren’t even that good. Should the Twins tried to catch them?

Don’t demonize the opener strategy just yet

The Twins have tried "the opener" twice with poor results, but that doesn’t mean that it’s been a bad experiment.


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