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Satire, Irreverence, & Other Humor

What if the Twins formed a roster only with alliterative-name players?

Inspired by Byron Buxton and Carlos Correa

Twinkie Town Investigation: Did Ryan Jeffers get a Perm?

The important, hard hitting questions are finally being asked.

The Wally Holland Stats Leaderboards

Because the MLB players are locked out and we need fun content

Welcome to the club, newbie

An MLB Alternative to the Winter Classic

I’m not saying it’s a good idea, but I’m also not saying it’s a bad one.

The twelve days of Twins-mas

A beloved carol

Scenes from an off-season, volume the next

Willians Astudillo finds success by slowing down

Some key adjustments have unlocked a new level of performance in 2021. Is this success sustainable?

The ballad of Rowdy and Steve

In which we visit the life of a small-town Wisconsin deputy and his white-trash cousin

The Twins are technically still in it.

Magic number is currently 65.

And now a bunch of words from Dave St. Peter.

Imma read between the lines for you guys.

Kent Hrbek disappointed to discover the Twins traded for John Gant; had been practicing “sweet wrasslin’ takedowns”

Trevor Plouffe implies awkward things about recently-traded former teammate

Twinkie Town dot com after dark

Iowa things that shocked Brent Rooker

Besides the amount of corn

The Twins, but as Pro Wrestlers

The Twins stink, so why not...

Mike Redmond: Story lost because he was wearing pants

Predictions for the Mauer charity home run challenge—this is how it will play out

These are my predictions and in no way factual.

Twins Twitter suggests better things for Matt Shoemaker to do for a living

Better than "losing more games for the Twins"

Signs the Twins are getting ready for a fire sale

Read the omens, folks. Its not good.

Guess who’s coming to (baseball) dinner?

Which Twins figure would you want to break bread with?

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You are now entering the Twinkie Town Zone

Kyle Garlick orders a pizza

Or at least he tries to.

Calvin Griffith runs the numbers

and gives some advice for the 2021 squad

Little-known facts about the current Twins

That are entirely made up and not at all true

Early season slump all part of the plan, says Rocco Baldelli

The Twins manager says that the team has been losing to help them create an "underdog" narrative

How to watch the 2021 Minnesota Twins (Updated.)

Serious guide to watching a great team.

A list of 30 terrible things that are still better than MLB’s extra-innings rules

Because putting a runner on second to begin extra innings isn’t real baseball

Twins team alchemist discovers powerful element in Kyle Garlick’s sweat


NOBODY PANIC! It’s just one game.

Let’s look on the bright side, shall we?

Twins, Twiggy the Water-Skiing Squirrel ink one-year deal

It's gonna be nuts!

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38 Tasks Lew Ford Performed on Fiverr During the Canceled 2020 Baseball Season

Ouch, Our own parent site seems to have forgotten we exist.

Or at least that the Twins do