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Satire, Irreverence, & Other Humor

Kyle Garlick orders a pizza

Or at least he tries to.

Calvin Griffith runs the numbers

and gives some advice for the 2021 squad

Little-known facts about the current Twins

That are entirely made up and not at all true

Early season slump all part of the plan, says Rocco Baldelli

The Twins manager says that the team has been losing to help them create an "underdog" narrative

How to watch the 2021 Minnesota Twins (Updated.)

Serious guide to watching a great team.

A list of 30 terrible things that are still better than MLB’s extra-innings rules

Because putting a runner on second to begin extra innings isn’t real baseball

Twins team alchemist discovers powerful element in Kyle Garlick’s sweat


NOBODY PANIC! It’s just one game.

Let’s look on the bright side, shall we?

Twins, Twiggy the Water-Skiing Squirrel ink one-year deal

It's gonna be nuts!

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38 Tasks Lew Ford Performed on Fiverr During the Canceled 2020 Baseball Season

Ouch, Our own parent site seems to have forgotten we exist.

Or at least that the Twins do

2021, the Dead Ball Era 2.0?

What’s old is new again

Twinkie Town’s annual Twins roster anagrams

Nordic Kong and A Naked Meat

The real reason Minnesota added Matt Shoemaker

Players named "Matt" are a key piece of the Twins strategy

Thad Levine making “darn good stew” for dinner on Saturday

damn it, Siri.

Twinkie Town wordsmith laments lack of “J. A. Happ” anagrams

A Twinkie Town exclusive about Twinkie Town.

Twins move on from Bauer, seek Baurer or Baurest to remain competitive

a new market inefficiency!

What does the J.A. in “J.A. Happ” stand for?

We have some possiblities

Bring Big Sexy back

The Twins should sign Bartolo Colon, because what could possibly go wrong with this idea

Rocco Baldelli’s annual performance review

A couple new mentors enter the picture

Grading the 2020 Twins: Bert Blyleven’s cardboard head cutout

It brought more troubles than any of the other cutouts.

Cuddyer “Shoo-In” on Hall of Fame Ballot

but not the MLB one

Twins eyeing “unconventional” utility infielder options for 2021

Exclusive: The Eddie Rosario MVP voter

Learn more about the person who could make such a choice

Twinkie Town’s “Best of Ron Gardenhire”

Celebrating Gardy

Tales from a Not-Season: It’s been a hell of a ride

LNP bids Gardy adieu

Twins fans say farewell to Mauer, welcome Jeffers with open arms

Move over, Mauer! There’s a new kid in town!

“Got Milk” has come out of retirement—should Joe Mauer be next?

Milk and Mauer — is there a more classic duo?

Local bandwagon fan “super excited” to hear that Vargas is back with Twins

"Those mid-2010s Twins teams were damn good!"

T.C. Bear to join Twins rotation

The starting rotation depth is dwindling...

Ghosts of past Twins enjoying baseball without corporeal interference

Turns out there have been fans in the stands THE WHOLE TIME.

MLB announces new style of releasing regular season schedules

Gas up and get yer boots on!