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SB Nation MLB Awards

Poll: Best Twins hit of 2014

Sometimes you hit the ball. Sometimes you hit the ball well. Sometimes your mom is in the stands. Sometimes a raindrop hits you in the eye.

Poll: Twins' best defensive play of 2014

Who should win: Brian Dozier, or Brian Dozier?

Poll: Most Regrettable (Twinsiest) Moment of 2014

This is actually the category "Most regrettable Twins moment," but I've renamed it because it fits the Twins' season so much better.

Poll: Twins funniest moment of 2014

Welcome to Round 1 of the SB Nation MLB awards. You determine the winner!

Introducing the SB Nation baseball awards!

Baseball blogs around SB Nation will be nominating for certain awards for 2014. We need your help to determine those nominations!