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Scenes from an Offseason

Ehire Adrianza is back, baby

The utility player is back for 2019. Who else is? Well, nobody yet. That was more rhetorical than anything.

17 questions about Twin Peaks for new Twins manager Rocco Baldelli

The owls are not what they seem. Or are they, Rocco?

A Twinsgiving story

The entire Twins family has gathered for Thanksgiving Dinner, with some special guests...

The Miracle That Is Kent Hrbek's Twitter Account

A rigorous, peer-reviewed study of the wonders that exist on Kent Hrbek's Twitter account.

Scenes from an Offseason: Thanksgiving & the Twins

Happy Thanksgiving to you, wherever you are, from all of us here at Twinkie Town.

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Scenes from an Offseason: A New Hope

Wayback commissions the latest in the Scenes from an Offseason anthology, in which Gardy pays a visit to an isolated building in the middle of nowhere.

Scenes From An Offseason: Volume 10

The Twins are venturing into a new frontier: Signing big moderate free agents.

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Unauthorized Ripoff: Scenes from an Offseason

Community member wayback is inspired by Jon Marthaler's popular series, and brings back an old friend.

Scenes From An Offseason, Volume 9

And so we face the final curtain.

Scenes From An Offseason, Volume 8

Ron Gardenhire faces his moment of truth.

Scenes From An Offseason, Volume 7

In this edition of Scenes From An Offseason, the Twins head out for the 53rd annual Twins Winter Caravan - and hijinks ensue.

Scenes from an Offseason: Winter Meetings

We review the Winter Meetings, through the magic of the screenplay. Cast, in order of appearance: Pat Gillick, Ruben Amaro, Terry Ryan, Rob Antony, Assembled Masses.

Scenes from an Offseason, Volume 5

And now, we enter the long cold winter of the offseason, which we plan to deal with the same as last year: by making up more absurd tales of the Twins.

Scenes From An Offseason, Volume 4

In our latest fictional imagining from the Twins offseason, Tsuyoshi Nishioka didn't get his spring training info, and Matt Capps breaks some stuff.

Scenes From An Offseason, Volume 3

The third installment of stories from the Twins' offseason.

Scenes From An Offseason, Volume 2

We've got a long, baseball-free winter ahead. Here's our second installment of what we imagine the Twins are getting up to this offseason.

Scenes From An Offseason, Volume 1

The ALCS and the NLCS go on... but for the Twins, the offseason has begun. A (fictionalized) look at what several Twins figures are doing this offseason.


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