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Twins 2018 Season Preview: What did Spring Training tell us?

Sure, 99% of Spring Training stats are meaningless. But let’s look at a couple that aren’t.

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Hypothetical Twins 2018 Disaster Season

How could things go wrong for the Twins in 2018? CG19 has a pretty vivid idea...

The Twins are looking healthy for 2018 — and beyond

With a strong offseason, the Twins have shown they are here this year to play. Just how far will this young team go?

The obvious answer to the Twins’ shortstop problem: Manny Ramirez

Just hear me out on this one.

The Twins’ veteran shortstop options

With Jorge Polanco suspended, who do the Twins have to turn to?

Lance Lynn versus the juiced ball

The Twins’ newest pitcher gave up a boatload of bombs last year. Was it bad luck or something more concerning?

Lance Lynn signing way better than “The Shape of Water”

What the hell even is that movie? I mean, it’s good, but I have questions.

What are the odds the Twins sign Lance Lynn and Alex Cobb?

A Las Vegas oddsmaker is taking bets on where top MLB free agents will end up, and it’s pretty interesting for the Twins.

Are MLB teams scared of the draft pick compensation?

A lot of big MLB free agents remain unsigned, and maybe the value of the signing team’s draft pick be to blame.

Twins and Byron Buxton interested in a long-term deal

According to rumors, the two sides have expressed mutual interest, but nothing actually appears imminent.

Why were the Twins’ DHs so bad last season?

In which I aim to pin the blame on someone for the Twins’ horrible, no good OPS at DH in 2017.

What do the recent Twins signings say about Miguel Sano?

It looks like the boy wonders might be preparing for life without their All-Star third baseman.

Where does the Twins rotation stand now?

With Odorizzi in the bag, the Twins are probably done making moves, so what does the 2018 rotation project?

Yu Darvish is “increasingly likely” to sign this week

According to a tweet from Jon Morosi, which specifically mentions he’s still talking to the Twins.

Twins sign five of six arbitration-eligible players for 2018

What those five will make next season, who’s still holding out, and where the Twins 2018 payroll currently stands — it’s all here.

Taking inventory of the 2018 Twins bullpen

The Twins are probably done building their bullpen, so who’s likely to make the Opening Day roster?

Twins had planned to call up ByungHo Park in 2017

It appears injuries — not a low opinion of him by the new front office — derailed Park’s major league return.

The Twins and Yu Darvish haven’t met in person yet, and that’s okay

It’s perfectly reasonable to believe the Twins are still in the running to sign the free agent ace.

2018 Twins ZiPS Projections: Batters slightly worse, pitching still needs help

Dan Szymborski’s projections for the 2018 Twins are out, and they’re a bit underwhelming.

Korean source claims ByungHo Park was mistreated by the Twins front office

Rumors reported by The Huffington Post Korea claim the new front office’s treatment of the Korean slugger drove him to return home.

What if Terry Ryan was still in charge?

As we prepare for the second round of the Hot Stove with Derek Falvey and Thad Levine, what would Terry Ryan have the Twins do instead?

Twins hire Japanese athletic trainer Masa Abe

We probably shouldn’t read too much into this, but I’m going to anyway.

What can the Twins do with their remaining international signing bonus pool money?

The Twins have $3.25 million left in their international signing bonus pool. If they don’t use it sign Shohei Ohtani, what are their other options?

What will the 2018 Twins payroll look like?

Before free agency kicks in to high gear, let’s look at how much the Twins might be willing to spend this offseason.

What can the Twins offer Shohei Ohtani?

Shohei Ohtani wants teams to court him. How can the Twins answer his questions?

Why has the MLB offseason been so slow?

Even the small-market Twins had made their biggest signing of the offseason by this time last year. What’s the hold up?

Shohei Ohtani may not be the “Ace” the Twins really want

The "Japanese Babe Ruth" is probably overrated (but it doesn’t matter).

Is Gerrit Cole or Jake Odorizzi a fit for the Twins?

The Twins have reportedly called the Pirates and the Rays inquiring about the availability of the two starting pitchers.

The forgotten man in Twins’ pitching conversation

Don’t sleep on Trevor May.

Who do the Twins need to protect from the Rule 5 draft?

The deadline to protect players is tomorrow. Who should the Twins make sure they keep safe?

Can the Twins actually sign Shohei Ohtani?

The Japanese superstar appears headed for MLB, and the chance he ends up in Minnesota may be better than you think.

No, the Twins aren’t going to sign an Ace this offseason

But maybe they’ll sign Lance Lynn.