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Spring Training

A spot for spring training stories.

Twinkie Town Talk, Evening Edition: Dobnak, Garver, Romine, Thorpe, and more

Just a bunch of news between this morning’s edition and right meow.

Twins send Kirilloff to alternate site; cut handful of players

The prospect batted .129 during Spring Training.

Winners and losers from Week Four of Twins Spring Training

Spring training is winding down. Let’s run through studs and duds from Week Four...

Michael Reed traded to Giants; Rosales and Collins opt out

Twins acquire another outfielder and cold hard cash in return

Lucas Duda opts out; Twins make additional cuts

Plus a confirmed injury that may sideline a bullpen arm to start the season

Twins Spring Training 2019: One more roster update before final cuts

A lot of bullpen arms are remaining in camp. Who will make the cut?

Twins Spring Training 2019: Second round of cuts sends top prospects to the other side of the complex

Twins option Gonsalves, Gordon, Wade, Arráez to minors

Featured Fanshot

Royce Lewis sent to minor-league camp

Lewis has been sidelined with an oblique injury, but could see a couple Grapefruit League games down the stretch.

Winners and losers from Week Two of Twins Spring Training

We’re two weeks into spring training. Who are Twins’ winners and losers so far?

Twins Spring Training 2019: Checking in on the roster battles

What’s shakin’ with the roster after a couple moves and departures?

I hate Spring Training, and here is why

Okay, maybe "am ambivalent about", but still...

Winners and losers from Week One of Twins Spring Training

Now that Week One is in the books, who has stood out for the Twins?

Twins Spring Training 2019: Five stories to watch

Let’s take a look at what will be the most interesting potential developments for the Twins over the next few weeks

Twins Spring Training 2019: previewing the roster battles

A more in depth look at who’s who in camp, and who is most likely to go North with the big club.

Twins Spring Training 2019: By the numbers

From 1 to 82, everyone who will don a uniform in Fort Myers is listed for your convenience.

Who will be the Twins 5th starter?

Which of these players do you think should round out the back end of Minnesota’s rotation?

Twins 13, Red Sox 0: Kyle Gibson has strong outing against b-squad lineup

Despite hitting no homers, the Twins hitters were able to rack up the runs with other extra-base hits this afternoon.

Pirates 3, Twins 1: The return of Joe Mauer and some okay pitching

Are you sitting down for this one? Okay, get ready: Joe Mauer actually played baseball today (and he did fine).

Twins Roster Fallout: Morneau, Willingham, Parmelee, Plouffe, Revere Mashup!

Is Chris Parmelee truly in the midst of the discussion for the opening day roster? Apparently. What does that mean for everyone else in the mix?

Jesse's 25-Man Roster Projection (Version 1.0)

Twinkie Town projects its first "official" 25-man roster for the Twins.

2012 Minnesota Twins Preview

Want an honest overview of what you can expect from the Twins this season, and how they're set up going forward? That conversation starts right here.

Revere Channeling Daunte Culpepper For Strength

Looking to complement his outstanding range, Ben Revere's turning to the pigskin in an attempt to beef up his throwing arm this offseason.

Ten Things For Twins Fans To Be Positive About

With all of the negativity coming out of Twins camp, here's a few things to be positive about.

What Could Happen at Spring Training to Surprise You?

Let's hear what you think.

Scenes From A Preseason, Volume 1

The Twins announced a change in their distribution of injury news to the media - but we like to imagine what the real story behind the story is.

Taking a Moment to Appreciate the Underdogs

Every minor league signing comes with a story, and one Twins signee makes that fact truly appreciable.

The Good Things Of Baseball

A list of fifteen of the best things about the game of baseball.

Five Lists of Five

There's five days left until Opening Day - so here's five Top Five lists for the Twins.

Words Of Advice For Rhett Bollinger, The New Twins Beat Writer

We've got some words of advice for's new beat writer - about the Twins, and about Minnesota.

The Twins Are On TV Today. Here's Your Visual Scavenger Hunt.

Since the Twins are on TV for the first time this spring, we've put together a visual scavenger hunt. Great for the young, or young at heart.

Quite Possibly This Week's Twins News (But Probably Not)

A look forward to the stories that we (probably won't) be covering this week.

Twins 8, Red Sox 4: Entirely Made-Up Game Notes

With the games not yet on TV, we're forced to make up our own game notes for the Twins 8-4 win over Boston in their spring training opener.


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